"... It makes sense- and dollars and cents- to depend on JumpStart Organizing for your business management and organizing needs! I recommend Ms. Jumper and JumpStart highly. I fear that without JumpStart, my gallery would be doing business with nothing more sophisticated than a yellow legal pad and pencil ." Lenore Robison
Earthworks Crafts Gallery

"...To anyone considering using Donna to help them in their business...Just Do It! As an owner of a small business, I knew there were things I needed to do to get the word out about my services. I knew they were important things to do and I knew how to do them. I knew someday I'd make the time to do those things. But knowing is not the same as doing. Donna got these things done! Not only that, she educated me on what I could do to be more effective and efficient with my data to grow my business and walked me through the steps since I'm a Mickey Mouse, not a computer mouse. Thank you for your help, Donna! ." Beth Keil
Delaware Hypnosis Partners, LLC

Business Organization

Donna believes that a business owner started their business because of a passion for what they wanted to do and are doing. What they are not passionate about is the back office chores of running a business. This is where she can step in to help the client with their everyday tasks to run their business efficiently and help them to get organized and stay on track.

What appeals to Donna most in helping others become organized is the fact that every client's business is uniquely different and this makes accomplishing her mission gratifying and exciting. Her organizing business has afforded her the opportunity to meet new people and to use her creativity while organizing people into a "better life".

Her client list is growing daily as she gets their businesses in order resulting in a stress-free environment where they can focus on their business and keep their eye on their goals.

Do You Need Help With These Tasks?

  • Set up filing systems
  • Filing the mounds of paperwork
  • Creating a database of your customers/clients
  • Home Office organization
  • Bookkeeping - QuickBooks
  • Networking business card organization
  • Accounts Payable - Accounts Receivable
  • Marketing ideas
  • Mail merge mailings
  • Program cash registers & credit card equipment

If you answered yes - Give us a call & we will make an assessment of your needs.

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