"Donna, thank you so much for all your assistance today! You were fantastic and your work will help me sell my home. I look forward to working with you in my new home. I will keep you posted on how much I make when I sell everything!! THANKS AGAIN!!! " S Jimenez
"Organizing before our move has really helped us to finally think about what we really need and don’t need for our new home. Our closets look fantastic and much more spacious so our buyers will see all the space we have. Thank you also for arranging for our donations and junk hauling so we knew it was being handled and it would be removed quickly in the time frame that we given you. We were grateful for your suggestions to improve our home and to give us recommendations of contractors that came in to get our house in tip top shape for sale. ." G Olivas

Moving and Downsizing Services

Moving is a stressful time and JumpStart Organizing has a program called “JumpStart your Move”.

Whether you are moving across town, relocating or downsizing, our services will help you transition to your new space. We offer organizing before the move, organizing after the move and packing and unpacking services. JumpStart Organizing has experience with relocating, downsizing & senior clients, as well as the busy professional that needs assistance during this overwhelming time. We provide outstanding personal services and move management to all of our buyers & sellers.

We always suggest organizing your home before the move to create a less cluttered home. This is critical when putting your home on the market. Every buyer I know looks in those closets and cabinets to see if they are big enough for their family. When we declutter those spaces your home looks more spacious to potential buyers and they appreciate the organization.

Too busy to unpack, or just can’t imagine unpacking another box! JumpStart Organizing can provide you with one or several people to unpack you quickly so you can come home to an organized and peaceful space. We work with you to suggest placement of your things so you have a much more organized system for the future comfort of your home.

We can suggest closet installers and any other contractor you may need as you create your “home sweet home”.

Give us a call. We would be happy to create an organized moving plan for you and make your transition a pleasant & stress free one.

Do These Areas Need Organizing?

  • Organizing before your move should always be part of the moving process. Why pay the movers to pack & move something you no longer need or want for your new space.

  • Staging your home to sell improves the chances that your home will sell faster and it will look clutter free for those important photos for internet marketing.

  • JumpStart Organizing can arrange for junk haulers and donation services to take what you don’t need away.

  • Packing services are available if needed.

  • On moving day we can coordinate the movers so the day goes as quickly as possible.

  • Once you are in your new home, we can provide unpacking services to put your things away in an organized way.

  • JumpStart Organizing can also make suggestions for furniture placement in your new home.

  • Closets can be created to maximize space so your closets are optimized.

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin are all common feelings that you can work through by hiring a professional organizer to assist you when you are ready to take that first step to manage and make the most of your place.